Discovering the Foundation Series

This series of teachings was given a few years ago in Worcester, South Africa over the course of fifteen weeks. They were recorded in an open teaching environment so there is some interaction with the audience in these teachings. We trust you are blessed and encouraged as you take the journey of Discovering the Foundation of Jesus!

Session 1 – Revelation

Session 2 – The Foundation

Session 3 – The Two Sided Cross

Session 4 – Two Men & Two Trees

Session 5 – Dead to Sin

Session 6 – Dead to the Law

Session 7 – The Law of Faith

Session 8 – Living from the Center

Session 9 – The Eternal Purpose of God

Session 10 – The Ultimate Starting Point

Session 11 – Jesus the Pattern

Session 12 – Suffering

Session 13 – Trials & Temptations

Session 14 – Renewing the Mind, Part 1

Session 15 – Renewing the Mind, Part 2

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