We are excited that our Kenya Outreach is taking shape. When we first planned this outreach we had a strong desire to drive to Kenya so that we could minister in several different countries along the way. However, after praying and speaking to several close friends we felt that a trip like this was not the wisest decision at this time. So we decided to fly to Kenya instead. Once we made our decision to fly we were very encouraged when we checked the prices for the flights and they were cheaper than we have ever been able to get in the past ($2000 for three tickets.) So we have purchased our air tickets this past week and and our dates are now set. The total budget for this outreach is $10,000.

We (Cliff, Stephanie and our son Wesley) will be in Kenya for eight weeks (June 19-August 14). Our plan is to be in at least six different rural areas of western Kenya. We will meet and spend time with pastors and church leaders in various settings (conferences, small gatherings, churches and homes) to teach, encourage and spend time with them. Our home base during our time in Kenya will be on the DIGUNA mission station on Mt. Tenderet. Our good friends Oli & Aldeci Mundt have been full-time missionaries there for several years and will be hosting us on the mission station. We are encouraged in how the DIGUNA mission is welcoming us to their mission station and the generous hospitality they have extended to us has already been a big blessing. They have already scheduled opportunities for us to minister to the missionaries at the station also.

This outreach is a fulfillment of a dream we have had to be in Kenya for a more extended time to deepen our work there with pastors and church leaders Cliff has been working with over the past 20 years. The Lord told us this year we would begin to travel and minister more as a couple so we could do more extensive work for longer periods. We are thankful God is increasing opportunities and expanding our borders in ministry. In addition to other African countries we’ve also had invitations to minister in India, Brazil, Pakistan and Dubai. As we plan and move toward this Kenyan outreach we are looking forward to even more fruitful ministry in Africa and many other countries.

All believers play a significant role in missions either by going personally, praying for those who go or giving financially to enable the missionaries to do the work of the ministry. We see it as a great blessing and privilege to be called to go and as our brothers and sisters in the Lord who God has connected us with in relationship we want to invite you to come alongside us in this Kenya outreach and share in the fruit of this ministry that will bring glory to God. We want to ask you to pray for us and give you an opportunity to invest in what God is doing in Kenya. One of the most amazing things that we have learned over the years is that God’s kingdom is a place of abundance where every generous act is transformed from its original value and becomes part of God’s limitless grace at work in the earth. If you sense God leading you to invest in what God will do through our Kenya Outreach 2016 you can click here for more information.

God bless you!