Our plans for our upcoming Kenya outreach continue to progress. I have been busy coordinating with all the men who will be hosting our meetings while we are in Kenya. They are all excited and looking forward to our time together. It is such a blessing to work with so many wonderful people who love the Lord and desire for the church to be strengthened for God’s glory.

I recently asked my good friend, Peterson Korrok, to share some about his life on Mt. Elgon and his thoughts about our upcoming outreach to his home area. Peterson and his life and work on Mt. Elgon are the focus of this Kenya Outreach update. I pray you are encouraged and blessed by what Peterson shares.

It has been twenty-five years now since I came in contact with brother Rene Brown with Foundation Ministries International (FMI) and his team, including Cliff Canipe. A small seed was planted here twenty-five years ago and we have watched it grow and sprout into the entire continent of Africa and beyond.

Here on Mt. Elgon, in western Kenya, my community was herdsmen, hunters and gatherers and were very hostile to the mission work thus leaving a small pocket of an unreached people group in this region who had yet to be evangelised. After we received teachings and materials from FMI, I purposed to use them in teaching my people about God and how to have a relationship with Jesus by being saved by His grace alone.

It has not been an easy task because of religious people who have held many captive through false doctrines and a works-based salvation. We have come teaching that we should rest in Christ alone.

Thanks be to God for the great transformation we are currently witnessing all over the mountain.

I am pastoring a church on the mountain. Many families have been torn apart and my wife, Alice, and I are involved in different ministries both in the church and teaching out to the larger community through:

  • Counseling of couples and their families hit by poverty and AIDS scourge.
  • During land clashes and 2007-2008 post election violence, many young women were forced to become widows hence ministering to them holistically.
  • We have many early teenage pregnancies and marriages which came as a result of these clashes.
  • We have heresies taught by cultic factions since the church is still young in their spiritual formation.
  • I founded a bible school to help pastors get basic biblical teachings.
  • We do evangelism in the community, including in high schools and in other forums like radio with a hope that my people may come to the full knowledge of Christ.

In brief, while we are reaching all these people, we are at the same time training pastors and church leaders to equip the body of Christ.

The last time Cliff was here with us in 2014 God used him to reach both the pastors and many others in the body through his teachings and prophetic ministry. He shared his life and many biblical principles that cut across all the tribes, races and colour. It was touching and indeed humble for him to share using his personal life experiences.

We are looking forward to this time around as we will also be receiving his wife, Stephanie, to come and share along with him. Pray for the spirit of God to prepare us to receive the impartation of God’s word during their time with us.

May God bless you.

Peterson Korrok