#051 – Ministry in Italy with Heath Young

In this episode, Cliff talks with Heath Young who is an American married to an Italian, Stefania. They live in Naples and minister in Italy and throughout the world in different countries.

#050 – Business and Missions

In this episode, Cliff talks with Michale Röthe from Switzerland about his involvement in missions as a businessman.

#049 – I Will Come to You

In this episode, Cliff interviews Oliver Sibley and they talk about how Jesus does not leave us as orphans, but comes to us.

#047 – All About Jesus

In this episode, I spend time with Kevin Morris and discuss how knowing Jesus is the most important thing in life.

#046 – Life Was Clipping Along

In this episode, Cliff visits with Kelly Hutchinson. Kelly is a stroke survivor and a single mother of three. Kelly shares the lessons learned as she has walked with the Lord through extremely difficult times in her life. Her testimony of hope and perseverance is a big encouragement.

#044 – Time with Doug

In this episode, I spend time with Doug Roberts. Doug is a father in the faith and has a very encouraging work for the church in this season.

#042 – Healing the Pain – Part 1

In this episode, Cliff spends time with Rick Montgomery discussing the process of healing our pain. This is part 1 of a 2-part series. In part 2, Cliff spends time with Rick's wife, Judy, and continues the discussion on healing our pain.

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