Living To Serve Him

We have been married for 28 years. We both met Jesus before we met each other and had already committed our lives to serving Him. When we met, we both knew that loving and serving the Lord was the path we would walk together in life. We have been in full-time ministry together for the past 25 years and served as faith-missionaries for 18 years in South Africa from 2003-2021. We are currently in America and will establish a new base of operations in Italy in early 2022.

Cliff and Stephanie love doing life together and relating to people. They have spent the last 25 years in ministry building long-lasting relationships and they minister together as the Lord directs them.

We believe that our relationship to the Lord is the most important relationship in our lives. After that comes our own relationship to one another and then our relationship to our children. It is out of the fullness of being in a life-giving relationship with the Lord and in healthy and nurturing relationships with our own family that we are able to minister to other people.

While we both engage in teaching and equipping people in all different types of settings, our greatest desire is to relate deeply with others. We value time with people and the opportunity to walk alongside people in their own life’s journey with the Lord.

We see the ministry as a direct extension of who we are. We believe that the most effective ministry to others comes through lives touching lives. As this happens we are able to impart not just what we know with words but who we are through a relational model of ministry.